Are hotels better than villa rentals

Hot on the heels of this survey which highlighted ten things people hate about staying in hotels (inspired by a survey), Travel Rants gives five reasons not to rent a villa including a highlight of the Morairaway scam. Travel Rants five reasons don’t apply to many holiday home rentals in the same way that the annoying things highlighted about hotels don’t apply to many hotel stays. They are:

  1. No on-site support.
  2. Remote Locations.
  3. Lack of financial protection.
  4. Paying for pool heat.
  5. Damage Deposit.

I’m interested to hear what you, dear reader think about this debate? PR puff or is there a real tit for tat war between villa rental companies and hotels?

Here are a few tips on how to attract more holiday lettings based on marketing your holiday home rental as a competitor to a hotel.

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